I’ve been a creator for the majority of my life at this point. As a child, drawing and illustration was my go to creative outlet. As a young adult I began to adventure into the art of photography, and now as a middle aged man, I’ve been making costumes and continuing to do photography, as well as adding cinematography to the list of hobbies. The real problem in all of this is – where do I come up with the time?

I’ve been happily married since 2016, and have 2 children. My family is the core of my existence, but I find myself craving to create things, do stuff with those things, and seek validation for the stuff I’ve done with those things. Now, I realize, that’s a seriously arbitrary statement full of vague statements… but that’s the core of what I’m talking about. To summarize, I enjoy making costumes, filming and photographing people wearing my costumes, and enjoy sharing those videos and photos with the world.

So, here’s the real dilemma. Costumes take forever to build, at least the way I make them. Everything is from scratch or at least as scratch as I can. I try my best to include as much detail as possible. They’re intricate, time consuming, and not to mention costly… and that, is the second dilemma. I don’t generally have anyone purchasing my costumes, so they get made, photographed, and either given away or thrown away.

All of that boils down to the question at hand… should I start a photo blog? Weekly, maybe daily photos, of whatever it is I’m doing at the time. I could consider it a documentation of the process, or perhaps another avenue to create artwork in some way… I don’t know, maybe? All of this is rhetorical, and I’m using my time writing this post to think test how long it’ll take me to set up a blog page here on the website, and sort of just test the waters.